Thank you for your time and consideration!

The UCSF ORIGINS study is a unique and ambitious project joining the efforts of our dedicated clinicians and researchers, to study a large population of people in the midst of their first attack of suspected multiple sclerosis (MS), or similar neurological inflammatory condition. By capturing the disease at its earliest stage, and prior to starting treatment, we seek to improve our understanding of what triggers MS, who is susceptible to MS, how people with MS change over time, and which factors may impact the course of the disease and response to treatment.

Participants who qualify are promptly enrolled and undergo detailed assessments at our state-of-the-art research facility. We take a comprehensive approach utilizing advanced imaging, molecular, cellular and bioinformatics techniques, to capture key information at a crucial time point, providing a robust “snapshot” of the disease in it’s earliest stage. This data gets us closer than ever before to discovering the triggers – the potential cause – of MS. This study will pave new roads for the future of MS research, while also helping to better inform the clinical decisions we make today.

The UCSF ORIGINS study would not be possible without the valuable contributions of the participants. We thank you for your time and consideration!

We’re looking for individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • Currently experiencing first symptoms of MS
  • Never taken any MS disease modifying therapies
  • No steroids in the past 4 weeks
  • Be willing to have an annual MRI, blood draw, questionnaires and assessments
  • Be willing to complete these visits on an annual basis at our research facility in San Francisco
  • Optional studies include an annual assessment of the visual system, a one-time lumbar puncture, and an intestinal microbiota DNA analysis