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Harnessing genetics to better understand disease risk
Tracing MS back to its origins to discover disease triggers
Using state-of-the-art imaging to track and predict disease progression
Discoveries made in the lab translate to smarter tools made for our clinic

Committed to unlocking the mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex, uniquely human illness in which the immune system injures the brain and spinal cord. For more than a decade, the UCSF EPIC study has been dedicated to expanding the knowledge, and unlocking the mysteries, of this unique disease. Since 2004, we have carefully followed over 500 people with MS with the purpose of identifying factors that control the evolution of this illness. This has lead to remarkable gains in our understanding of how MS progresses over time, highlighting key factors that influence, and even predict, outcomes on an individual level. These findings not only help us to understand the science behind the disease, but more importantly, allows us to provide a precise approach to patient care.

Moving forward, now seeking to answer even tougher questions, the EPIC Study is focused on understanding what causes MS. By capturing the disease at first onset, we hope to discover the origins, the very triggers, that cause MS.

We are seeking to recruit individuals who have been recently diagnosed with MS or are suspected of having MS.